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The Maxx X Lab

at the University of California, Irvine Department of Chemistry

is an interdisciplinary experimental chemistry laboratory working at the interfaces of solid state chemistry, materials chemistry and physics, and nanoscience.

Research themes in the Maxx X Lab








Recent News

  • NEW Paper Alert: Dmitri's paper on anisotropy-driven growth of optically-active quasi-1D vdW solids is now out in JACS! The article will also be featured in the front cover in an upcoming issue! Here's the link to the open-access article:

  • Maxx is named as one of C&EN's Talented 12 Class of 2023

Link to C&EN feature article:

  • Congratulations to Maxx X Lab graduate students: Griffin Milligan for receiving the NSF GRFP fellowship and Diana Lopez for receiving the NSF GRFP fellowship and an honorable mention from the Ford Fellowship Predoctoral Program

        UCI's NSF GRFP feature article -

  • Congratulations to Zefan for receiving UCI's Tom Angell Fellowship!

  • We officially welcome our new graduate students: Kaitlyn Dold (UG: UM College Park) and Jan Ragadi (UG: CSU Fullerton)!

  • We hate to see them leave, but we are very excited for Kenneth (will be attending UNC-Chapel Hill Chemistry) and Maham (will be attending Harvard Applied Physics) for their graduate studies!

  • Congratulations to Leo for winning the 2022 EQI SURP and UROP fellowships!

  • Steve received the Eddleman Quantum Institute Graduate Fellowship, congratulations!

  • Congratulations to Kaleo for receiving the DoD NDSEG Fellowship and to Steve for receiving an honorable mention for the NSF GRFP Fellowship!

  • We officially welcome our new graduate students, Diana Lopez and Griffin Milligan!

  • Maxx was awarded the inaugural UCI Inclusive Excellence Teaching Award!


Join Us!

We are in constant search of highly-motivated undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars:


  • For current UCI undergraduate students interested in inorganic materials synthesis and characterization—Send Maxx a brief statement of research interests and a one-page resumé

  • For current UCI graduate students—Contact Maxx to set-up a Zoom meeting and to discuss about potential research projects in the Maxx X Lab

  • For prospective graduate students—Don’t hesitate to reach out to Maxx and apply to the UCI Department of Chemistry 

  • For postdoctoral candidates with interests in solid state synthesis and the physics and chemistry of low-dimensional materials—Send Maxx a formal application which includes the following: (1) Cover Letter, (2) CV and publication list, and (3) Research Summary and potential research interests in the Maxx X Lab


Researchers interested in joining the Maxx X Lab should directly email Maxx at

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